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Do you work in an environment where having a private conversation is necessary? Would you like to improve the acoustics of your building? Or are you looking to reduce distractions? A white noise system for your office may be just what you need! Believe it or not, adding ambient sounds to your office will actually make it quieter!

Simple and Effective Solutions for Every Business Size

Sound masking technologies and speech privacy systems are a growing need for offices to reduce background sounds and provide privacy. The team at MTS Services has been working in this field for decades and can handle any size project from a small private medical practice to an industrial warehouse facility.

Respectful & Experienced Technicians 

A White or pink noise masking system is a simple solution to get the privacy you need in any existing building. The sound masking technicians at MTS Services will come in and you’ll never even know we were there.  We install small devices in your ceiling that mask sound and are never seen again.


Our Sound Masking Certifications
  1. Biamp
  2. Cambridge Sound
  3. Lencore

Sound Masking Experience


MTS Services has extensive experience in working in healthcare.  We understand that the 24/7 daily business of patient care in a hospital takes priority over everything else, which is why we ensure our staff is trained in infectious control procedures, safety policies and have a thorough understanding of hospital policies.  Numerous technologies run over the network and our copper and fiber optic cabling meets the demand for high bandwidth data transmissions.


Working on military projects requires high-level security clearances, including Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).  From submittals to close-out documents, our attention to detail gets the job done.  We have proudly been installing Category 6 and Category 6A copper and single mode and multi mode fiber optic cabling systems for all branches of the armed forces for many years.


We recognize the importance of your technology needs and approach each project with this in mind. We plan, install, test and document your cabling system for you, including data systems, wireless access points (WAP's), IP security devices, sound masking systems and distributed antenna systems (DAS).


It takes the proper skillset and training to work safely at ceiling heights of 40 feet or more. We provide OSHA and lift training to ensure that the job is done correctly. Our installation team is familiar with working in and around "live" environments and we know how important productivity is.  Our project managers and technicians coordinate installation schedules with you to avoid disruption.

Data Center

MTS Services understands that your data center operation is a highly sensitive work environment and project schedules can be fast moving.  Our expert staff focuses on delivering an extremely high level of expertise and care throughout the project.  We take great care with pre-terminated Category 6A and OM4 fiber optic assemblies ensuring that connections are not disrupted and proper airflow is maintained.


At MTS Services we are well attuned to the needs of our educational clients.  The cabling systems we install include cable for distributed antenna systems (DAS), public safety, security and data and voice.

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