Keeping You Connected

With more than 35+ years of experience, MTS Services understands that each industry has particular requirements. During each project, we utilize a collaborative team approach that focuses on delivering high-quality services in a safe, professional manner — on schedule and on budget.


We recognize the importance of ICT and approach each project with this in mind. We plan, install, test, and document all new cabling systems. We rework and reorganize existing cabling and rack layouts for the growth or a refresh of the current cable plant. We install the cabling to support your wireless access points (WAPs), IP security cameras, and distributed antenna systems (DAS). Other services include needs assessments, budgetary estimates, audits, surveys, and certification testing.

Data Center

At MTS Services we understand that your data center operation is a highly sensitive work environment and project schedules are often compressed and fast moving. Our expert staff focuses on delivering an extremely high level of expertise and care throughout your project. We work above, below, and around expensive equipment, taking extra care to not disrupt active connections. We follow specific cable routing and installation procedures to continue proper airflow management.


At MTS Services we are attuned to the needs of educational clients. We know that most work must be performed while not interrupting the educational process. When it comes to campus-wide wireless coverage, we work with distributed antenna system providers to install a unified campus system for public safety wireless, cellular, and WiFi coverage for buildings, athletic facilities, and open areas needing to be covered to ensure constant communication and safety.


MTS Services has extensive experience working in healthcare. We understand that the 24/7 daily business of patient care in a hospital takes priority over everything else, which is why we ensure our staff is trained in infectious control procedures and has a thorough understanding of hospital policies. Numerous information and communications technology (ICT) systems run over the network, in addition to the typical data and voice, including audiovisual, intercom, paging, nurse calls, and many, many more.


It takes the proper skillset and training to work safely at ceiling heights of 40 feet or more while completing the job properly. Some solutions require field engineering. Other systems are in refrigerated areas, requiring adaptability to cold temperatures. Paging systems can be challenging, as the audio must be intelligible and heard over industrial machinery and warehouse spaces. We also have experience in clean room spaces. MTS Services technicians are trained to follow each customer’s policies and procedures on clean room entry, such as proper gowning protocols and tool cleaning techniques.


Working on military projects requires obtaining high-level security clearances, including the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). From initial submittals through final close-out documents, our attention to detail ensures successful project execution. For decades, we have proudly been installing Category 6 and Category 6A copper cabling and single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic systems across all branches of the armed forces.